Saturday, 16 March 2013

Amazing Tips to Relieve Your Stress

Human activities will never be separated from the routine of life. Sometimes, something that we do have two possibilities, whether it will succeed or not. For the job that we do and managed to run successfully will certainly give us satisfaction. But what if the activities that we do but itsn’t actually even successful, may lead burden and distress of mind.

Actually, stress is not only caused by unsuccessful an activity that we have done, but also caused by other factors. The causes of stress include hormonal factors,
routine jobs that lead to the highest saturation situation, emotional state caused by environmental factors and surroundings us that are not supported, etc.

Prolonged stress can cause depression in a person. Depression can occur when a person is not able to cope with stress that lasts for a long time, as a result of stress into piles that cause one to be easy to feel depressed.

Stress can happen to anyone,such as in  productivity age and elderly age. For each person, skip the stress may be not easy as we think. But of course, we can eliminate the stress so that, it does not allow stress to protracted boggles our minds that can result in disruption of our activities. Here are tips to relieve stress:
1. Looking at everything in a positive way, do not exaggerate with the worsening of the current situation which happening.
2. Irregular scribbled on a piece of blank paper. Pour your angry in a random squiggle, if you can use a variety of colors.
3. Vent to pamper yourself, for example by shopping your preferred items, spa or massage, and eating food, especially food that favored sweets like chocolate. But remember to do within reasonable limits, do not overdo with it.
4. Making soap bubbles, because it can relax the mind.
5. Listening to music, especially classical music and instrumental music.
6. Shouting or singing loudly, but done in an airtight room don’t to disturb others.
7. Pull off the road for a moment from the bustle of the world, such as camping in the wild.
8. Took a short walk, breathe fresh air, get acquainted with some new people.
9. Do on a hobby or activity which you like.
10. Doing activities that previously have not been done or that collapsed.
11. Reading motivational stories, inspirational stories, aphorisms, and all kinds of readings that can strengthen the soul.
12.Always gather with your friends and family, use this opportunity to tell all your complaints experienced for them.
13. Always draw closer to God by praying for Him.

Those are some of my tips on how to relieve stress so as not to lead to depression. However stress will never be separated from human activities.

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