Thursday, 14 March 2013

Amazing Tips to Meet Someone Who Was Unknown

Social networking sites offer friendship all over the world which can offered. It is includes a fun activity, where we browse while searching for information on a particular website, and we can also use it all the time to enroll in a social networking site that amounted to tens of these. Than just talk about everyday activities and become familiar, continue to be friends and build relationships, even if allowed to progress to towards courtship, is the main purpose of social networking sites made.

Please remember that not everyone who signed up to social networking sites actually want to find a partner. Might just only to register, just want to just make friends through the virtual world, using it as a tool to promote their business,
obtain specific information they are looking for, publishing daily activities which they  have done or will do, and other purposes.

No wonder many of them end up having love with people from different  country because the many users of this social networking site from all country. Frequent contact between the user's online social networking sites lead to a sense of comfort between the user and creates a feeling of curiosity that encourages the desire to see firsthand what they are talking over and wanted to meet with.

If different users from different country, then it should be quite content to each other face to face via webchat or use the video call. But when different users comes from the same country let alone coming from the same region then entered a pact to meet in one place is something that might happen. To avoid the negative effect of social networking such as rape, where the woman has always been a victim of it before a meeting with the other person on the social network, you should pay attention to the following:

 1. Knowing who he is
Must know the origin of the information and complete the people you will meet them. Contact relationship in time. 1-2 weeks Do not just all of a sudden he took meet the suspect. Find information about him in more depth either by asking directly to him or to friends on social networks.

2. Do not 100% too trusting
Remember you do not know for sure about who that person will be found. Do not be too easy to believe and obey whatever commands and wishes. Maybe there is malicious intent behind his intentions.

  3. Invite a friend to accompany
Do not see him in a state without the company of anyone who we believe, because the stakes are huge. Invite 1-2 friends who are very trustworthy and very dependable when we encounter something unexpected.

4. Show that we are strong
Do not show that we are weak and willing being ordered anything by it, to avoid the possibility of him to tell us to do indecent things which we do not like. Should dare to say no and have strongly rejected, but of course, remains to be polite.

 5. Prepare a product to protect
This is just in case if he intended to commit indecent acts against us. There are various types of these items are sold as stungun and chilli spray.

6. The movement to protect yourself
For example, he intends to catch you, always struggled and cried loudly for help. You can also bite her hand, pulling her hair, kicking the body, or other protective measures.

That's part of my tips to guard and protect ourselves if we want to meet with someone who is not known to us, particularly through social networking sites.

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