Monday, 18 March 2013

Amazing Tips to Prevent Internet Data Theft

Cyber Crime is not something new to hear. People doing this Cyber Crime (commonly called hackers) usually use the internet to upload a file that has previously been inserted by a virus or malware, to infiltrate the user's pc using free wifi, spread viruses and malware on a particular website that would often search on a search engines or found in the inbox link spam, etc.

The special purpose of this hacker’s activity is to steal important information,
damage the system so that pc can not work normally, infect files downloaded by inserting a virus that aims to replicate that always makes the internal storage becomes full, etc. They do this because it argued that the Internet is an integral part in the human life. Internet can facilitate any human activity : looking for job, dealing with the bussines relations, check the existence of the shipment, download a media, do e-banking, etc.

This is certainly very harmful for Internet users,
the information is not privation with properly, because its allowing the others  to use it with a specific purpose (evil purposes). Theft of information is not only detrimental to the security of user privacy but also financial security, because the money can be stolen in bulk is very likely to occur. Therefore, here are some tips to prevent data theft using the Internet :
1. Make sure you have correctly typed the website address, in particular websites that require you to use an online payment and e-banking.
2. Beware of spam messages, do not easily enticed to click a url link because usually the target link has been inserted by viruses and malware are likely to steal user data.
3. Do not ever put too complete bio-data information on social networks.
4. Never even gave us detailed information to the others, especially to strangers (especially email and password).
5. Never carelessly fill in the information on a website, unless they apply the rules to maintain the privacy and security of each user's data
6. Try not frequently use public Internet access, for example in an internet cafe as vulnerable to data theft. Avoid the internet cafe for e-banking or money transactions via computer.
7. Diligently updating antivirus and internet security, because it can minimize the risk of data theft. For more safe please use the facilities paid.
8. Do not be forced to enter a website that has shown particular by the antivirus warnings, unless you are very confident that the actual website is safe to visit.
9. Frequently clean the data and viruses on the pc, to reduce the risk that the pc inserted a sintax to steal information and sent to the hacker when it comes to the internet. Diligent backup file on a computer is essential.
10. Be careful about downloading apps or media, it is better to download on their official website or a website that is reputable. After downloading and want to save a file on your pc, better scan first.
11. If forced to fill in important information in a website, attempted to use the virtual keyboard or the On-Screen Keyboard with a way to open All Programs> Accecories> Ease of Access> On-Screen Keyboard
12. Login to the website with https:// format, as it shows the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for secure data because that encrypt the information safe from hackers, which prior to the hacker, the information will be in the first to decrypt.

Those are some of my tips for minimizing the theft of user data using the Internet. After all everyone is susceptible to Cyber Crime.

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