Friday, 22 March 2013

Amazing Tips to Make You Happy Everyday

Saturation of yourself sometimes felt almost every day, creating a sense of reluctance to initiate an activity that should begin on that day. Saturation that is felt is not something that is easy to avoid, doing the same thing over and over again without any significant changes are also sometimes cause a high saturation. Saturation can also arise from a feeling if we were not enjoying the activities
that will be done, if we liked the activity is certainly the result will be better anyway. Here I will give you some tips so that we can always order it through the day more enjoyable so that all activities can be done well of course:
1. Start the day with a good spirit because the spirit of the good it will generate positive energy from yourself.
2. Make a list of what to do, so that activities can be carried out well ordered. Try to make it in the form of a check list to make it easier to use.
3. Always assume that we will pull through all the activities are very fun today, even if yourself do not like the activity and actually wanted to avoid it. Assuming that an activity is a fun course, you'll likely enjoy all sorts of activities are going to do.
3. Say hello to the people you meet, or at least a friendly smile to them. By starting with a smile by yourself then others will smile to you so that feelings will be quieter.
4. Always thank people who have helped you, please do not hesitate also to offer your help to others. Establishing good relationships with others and perform in a positive and healthy competition.
5. Begin working on everything and begin to pray, because God is always helping all our activities and prayer is one form of supplication to God for blessing us start something.
6. Always take themselves to gather with friends or families and conduct fun activities with them, do not cut ties with the people you care about.
7. Pamper yourself with a spa or massage to relax the body and mind so as to feel more refreshed and ready for the next day activities.
8. Maintaining a pet, especially a furry animal and you do not have allergies to animals so that they can pet him (preferred to have a pet cat)
9. Eating fruits, especially bananas contain potassium so as to calm the mind
10. Before bed try to always thank God for all His help so that the activities carried out today can work well.
That tips from me, hopefully you can better through the day more fun and enjoy so as to produce a fun activity as well. Try to do things with prayer and faith that everything can be done well and in order to get a blessing from God. However of course, every day we always feel saturation.

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