Sunday, 17 March 2013

Amazing Tips For Insomnia People

Tendency to insomnia sometimes been perceived by most humans. People who have trouble with sleeping sometimes have a tendency to be very unlikely to be able to conduct its activities in the next day very well. This is because the body and mind is not fit and fresh yet, so it is not ready to carry out activities that will be carried out. People who have difficulty sleeping is difficult to concentrate with their work, because their brain will experience oxygen deprivation

Difficulty someone to sleep is actually caused by many factors, such as: stress due to tension, the influence of drugs, foods or drinks that make it difficult to sleep, jetlag, pain, sleep disorders, etc. In fact, sleep is one of the important human needs because it can improve the brain's ability to think
and concentrate, make the body back in shape, reduce stress, reduce the risk so allowing the body to remain healthy, etc. For that sleep is necessary for all living things. If you include people who have a tendency to insomnia, here are tips for your insomnia:

1. One hour before go to bed try not to stare at the computer screen both monitors, televisions, and mobile phones, as it can make the nerves in the brain relaxes tense and difficult.
2. Never exercise before go to bed, but  it required more work in the morning (not recommended immediately after waking up) because it can increase the flow of blood circulation so that the body becomes more fresh.
3. Try to sleep in a state of calm, do not think of something that has happened or will happen because it will cause feelings of worry and it would interfere with the process to sleep.
4. Try to eat foods that contain protein and carbohydrates, because the amino acid tryptophan contained in the protein can improve the quality of sleep so sleep more soundly. It is advisable to eat turkey for better results.
5. Before go to bed, should complete all the jobs that have the deadline is tomorrow, so no thoughts when going to sleep.
6. Drinking a glass of chocolate milk or hot chocolate before bed, do not drink caffeine, which contain soda, and liquor.
7. Go to bed in the dark, because according to research that sleep in the dark can trigger activity of melatonin hormone that functions is to maintain immunity, so when you wake up so  the body becomes more fresh.
8. Pray before going to sleep in order to feel calm in the bedroom because it is always in the custody of the Lord
9. Create the environment comfortable bed for a quick sleep and stimulating.
10. Creating a sleep schedule, what time we got to bed and what time to get up to be set.
11. Listening to music, such as classical music and instrumental music can calm nerves strained by tensions caused by a day of activity.
12. Closing the eyes with a blindfold, so it is more focused on sleep
13. More active in everyday life, everyday people who are active in a variety of human activities it is easier to sleep.

Those are some of my tips on how to solve your problem in terms of difficulty to sleep, so as to improve the quality of your sleep and can refresh your body and mind after waking from sleep. However people sometimes have a tendency to insomnia.

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