Friday, 15 March 2013

Amazing Tips on Using Social Networking

Friendsip with friends via social networking is very pleasant indeed. We can meet people from any background, of any country, with any activity at a time. Social networking is also helping us to develop a network of friendships outside the area that we live in a virtual world via the internet.

We know anyone without having a face to face meeting or in advance. Free to connect with many people and establish relationships with anyone who desired in accordance with the criteria we want,
and make a special forum for members we want.

For people who might be a little bit shy, social networking will help them in terms of socializing with others. Without the need to meet face to face, thereby reducing the risk of nervous in starting the conversation to the other users

People who are very active in a social networking account, be preoccupied with the world and would like to do it for many hours. Spent any time to surfing in a virtual life, seek and find people who have a common purpose, and building a network which consists of those people. With the social networking activity it will greatly save time and certainly more efficient.

For some people, it may have a social networking and "live" in it has a pleasure. Free while from the real world of routine and freely soluble in activities which making stress by doing something through social networking is a simple way. But keep in mind that there are some certain rule that we need to remember when doing activities in social networking.

Here are some tips on using social networking
1. Do not over indulgence detailed information to the newly recognized
2. Do not put info or biographical information on the social networks that are used, a complete and detailed as it can be misused. To avoid the possibility of going to cheat by bad people.
3. Do not make people feel uncomfortable with updates you’re made, use good language and polite which not to interfere with other users
4. Do not update too often, for example every 1 hour can update up to 5x, maybe some users are not disturbed but the possibility of other users also disrupted.
5. Do not attach a photo or image that does not deserve to be seen by others, use a fair picture.
6. Do not SPAM, for example, constantly sending inbox every day, maybe some people will be annoyed.
7. Do not disrupt the social networking accounts of others, for example by hacking other account, update with sentence wich disrespectful, share pictures that are not worth seeing.
8.You can advertise your business through social networking, but not too much. Do not let the activities we actually even bothering others.
9. Making friendship with a good user, do not forget to join the group to add our knowledge
10. Do not overuse social networking. Dealing with cyber friends is very enjoyable, but remember that we also have a relationship with the outside world and the people around us. Do not forget them.

That tips from me about tips to use social networking as well, it would be nice if we could expand our network with friends via social networking.

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